Develop and Retain Your Current Workforce

As a business owner, you constantly have the future of your business at top of mind. How do you not only attract new, qualified employees but also develop and retain those you already have? Employees always have room to learn and grow, so how do you help them do just that? There’s a work-based learning solution for that.

Grow a complete and well-trained workforce for the future through the services below. NoCo Inspire works with our business community to connect them with the public partners in our Alliance that advance their business or organization.

You can discover work-based learning opportunities for this tier of the workforce development continuum below.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the ones you are interested in, or to discuss where you should start. For definitions of any of the opportunities below, learn more here.

Understand that some employees can get high school or college credit for work done at your place of business. Documenting this experience can grow the workforce, support employee continuing education and increase retention.

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Motivate your current employees by creating growth opportunities. Ensure you have the staff to manage future challenges with employee trainings that develop leadership, company culture and helps the team move in coordination toward your business goals.

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Use your star employees to help develop and grow the next generation of your workforce within your organization.

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Keep up with market changes with continued on-the-job training and technical training.

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