Community Impact of Work-Based Learning in Larimer and Weld Counties

Work-based learning provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire new skills or fine-tune their current ones, ultimately bettering the community and improving the local workforce.

Through WBL opportunities from local businesses, students and jobseekers are encouraged to continue working in the same community that helped them acquire and fine-tune their skillset.

Why Should Employers Care About WBL?

Employers in Northern Colorado are struggling with a gap in the talent pipeline, and work-based learning opportunities help close that gap by providing workers with the skills necessary to thrive and succeed in their respective careers. In order for employers to find experienced workers, those potential employees need to have an opportunity to gain that desired experience.

WBL opportunities can also lead to long-term business success in employee retention and lower turnover costs. By training employees with a hands-on approach, they get to thoroughly understand your company and learn how it operates. This is an opportunity to earn a glowing reputation as a company to work for.

Work-based learning is an opportunity everyone can take advantage of — high school students, college kids, transitioning adults, individuals with disabilities, community college-goers and the unemployed, to name a few.

By helping to provide a bright future for both those in the current workforce and those who are up-and-coming, you are providing a bright future for your own business.

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