Miguel (age 18) dropped out of high school two years prior to graduating. He had experience working various food service jobs, but was unemployed when he enrolled in our inCompass program. He and his fiancé were in low-income housing and also expecting a baby.

Miguel wanted to get his GED and transition into a well-paying career to support his family. While working on his GED, LCEWD did some intensive career exploration with Miguel, which helped him identify a career pathway interest in the manufacturing and welding field. Miguel successfully earned his GED in May and participated in LCEWD’s GED graduation ceremony, speaking on stage thanking his supports in front of the crowd! LCEWD then focused efforts on getting him into his chosen career pathway.

Miguel had no manufacturing experience, so we decided an internship would help him gain necessary skills and provide him with an opportunity to get started. LCEWD helped him create a resume that translated his employment history and relevant skills to an entry-level welding and fabricating position. The resume helped place him in a paid internship. Miguel did such a good job that, after his internship ended, his supervisor hired him on as a full-time, benefited employee!

Miguel and his fiancé welcomed their son to the world in September and this new job is a start to a great career for himself and his family.

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