A single parent of one, Christopher, an Air Force veteran, was referred to internship services. Christopher had a desire to become an attorney and wanted to get his foot in the door by working in an attorney’s office and in the judicial system.

Provided with a list of local court and jail internship opportunities, Christopher’s internship coordinator suggested he might also consider developing his own internship with potential employers. After preparing Christopher to cold call attorneys’ offices, his internship coordinator coached him on how to market himself and the internship program. Christopher connected with Andrew Bertrand of Bertrand Law Office, and soon, he helped to create a Legal Assistant internship position. During his internship, Christopher attended court hearings, took notes and researched law and cases relative to pending cases. Soon into the internship, the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders initiated, and all internships were requested to end. Undeterred, Christopher asked if he could continue his internship remotely at home.

Christopher teleworked from home while completing his college courses online through CSU. He has successfully completed these achievements and became a licensed Notary during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. After completing his internship, the Bertrand Law Office hired Christopher directly with intentions to increase his wages as he excelled in his legal skills. Christopher continues classes online while looking forward to the day he can practice law as a fully-fledged attorney.