Angelica, a single mother with preschool-aged children, indicated a career interest in legal work. Having had some clerical work experience, but no legal experience, Angelica thought she would benefit from a work-based learning experience in legal activities that provided her with opportunities to prove herself. She made it a goal to become hired at a livable wage, allowing her to leave assistance programs and leverage her career aspirations.

Angelica selected the City of Fort Collins Municipal Courts for her internship site; her intensive online research of the Municipal Court helped Angelica win an interview with them. Through coaching, Angelica was encouraged to tap into her moxie and ability to self-advocate and request opportunities that might intimidate others. During her placement meeting, Angelica expressed direct interest in a Court Bailiff role, a position that entails asserting oneself to hardened individuals. In short order, her supervisor provided consecutive evaluations with high marks and considerations for direct unsubsidized hire.

Angelica transitioned to become a full-time employee with the City in a Bailiff role and as Deputy Court Clerk, receiving both wages and benefits. Angelica has since indicated she will pursue law school to further enhance her understanding and positioning in the courts.