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Weld Re-3J School District, comprised of the communities of Keenesburg, Hudson, Lochbuie, and Roggen, Colorado, is dedicated to creating opportunities for student success through a safe learning environment, rigorous instruction, diverse activities, and an engaged community.

Weld Re-3J is committed to providing a 21st Century educational experience for our students in order to prepare them for global post-secondary opportunities.  Technology-rich learning environments that stress critical-thinking skill development are a focus for our district.

The partnership with NOCO Inspire provides our students diverse work-based learning opportunities to extend their real-world learning.  The collaboration between our schools and the business community creates vested interest, and we are able to build strong community relationships that our students benefit from.  Our goal is to improve outcomes for all students through the partnership, and we welcome the opportunity to be a member of this alliance.

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Becky Langlois, Director of Student Readiness
rebeccalanglois@re3j.com or 303-536-2065

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