Weld County School District 6 serves 22,000 students in the communities of Greeley and Evans. D6 supports WBL through the Career Explore Internship program available to high school students.  This program provides students the opportunity to explore career interests in the real-world work environment.

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District 6 engages every student in a personalized, well-rounded and excellent education, preparing students to be college and career ready.


District 6 engages, empowers and inspires today’s students in partnership with families and communities to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Employers can visit https://www.greeleyschools.org/internships to learn more about our programs and hosting work-based learning opportunities.

Innovation 2020 was adopted by the Board of Education in 2015, and most of the goals in the plan have been accomplished or are on track to be accomplished over the next two years. The few goals that have not been met have been evaluated and revised, and will be included in the new strategic plan.

A dashboard that monitors the progress of each goal and objective in Innovation 2020 is on the District 6 website at greeleyschools.org/I2020progress.

On February 12, 2020, more than 100 people came together at Riverside Library and Cultural Center in Evans for a day of visioning for the new Greeley-Evans School District 6 strategic plan. This group included staff members, community members, members of the Board of Education and students, and all had a voice in setting the school district vision and work over the next 10 years.

After analyzing feedback received from participants in the February 12 meeting, themes emerged that will guide the creation of the new strategic plan, Innovation2030. Some of the goals that will be included in the new plan are providing more robust support for students’ social and empotional needs, expansion ending cultural proficiency training for all staff, strengthening personalized learning plans for all students, and engaging parents and the community in our schools in meaningful ways.

The Board of Education adopted a new Innovation2030 mission, vision, values, focus areas and goals. A team of District 6 leaders will begin work on objectives and strategies for all these goals this fall.

Values and Beliefs

Our students come first

We know every child can achieve.

We believe diversity is a strength.

We ensure safe, secure and healthy schools.

We build positive relationships with students, families and communities.

We promote access, opportunity and choice.

We commit to hiring and retaining quality staff.

We commit to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.

Student Learning and Achievement

District 6 engages all students in a challenging and personalized education, preparing each student to be career and college ready.

• Goal 1: Provie a personalized learning experience so all students graduate on time and are college and career ready.

• Goal 2: Implement consistent and coherent aligned curriculum, assessment and instructional practices that are research-based to ensure all students learn.

Strengthening Partnerships

District 6 enhances student success by communicating, engaging and collaborating with our communities and school partners.

• Goal 1: Strengthen relationships with parents and families.

• Goal 2: Communicate and collaborate with external stakeholders including business, local government and community organizations.

Climate and Culture

District 6 cultivates a safe, health and inclusive learning environment for ll, embracing our diversity and engaging all stakeholders.

• Goal 1: Ensure cultural responsiveness throughout the organization

• Goal 2: Support the social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff.

Operational and Organizational Effectiveness

District 6 ensures innovation, transparency and accountability to our community through measurable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Goal 1: Align district resources to maximize student achievement and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Goal 2: Maximize the recruitment, hiring and retention of all employees.