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Weld RE-9 School District serves the communities of Ault, Pierce, Nunn and Carr. With approximately 950 students in our schools, we offer a dedicated staff combined with a supportive community to help us in our quest to ‘Build Excellence’. Weld RE-9 aims to offer students opportunities in Business and Entrepreneurship, as well as AgriScience. We pride ourselves on providing students opportunities that reflect their personal interests, that also mirror those of our community. Our hope is to connect students with potential employers so that they receive real-world applicable training while simultaneously completing H.S.

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Kelsey Bailey
Director of Curriculum, Federal Programs, and Highland Works (On-job-training/CTE programming)

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  • Career Fairs, Job Fairs
  • Career Mentoring
  • Job Shadows
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  • Curriculum & Pathway Development
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