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Handshake is a college-to-career network that helps get students career-ready—all in one place. Our goal is to connect businesses with early talent and provide every college student with equal access to meaningful work, regardless of their background or connections.

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Male college student talking with business table at career fair.

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Female college student talking to employer at Colorado State University career fair.

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Why Use Handshake?

Handshake is partnered with schools and businesses from across the country and trusted by all 500 of the Fortune 500 and leaders across all industries. Ranked by students as the best place to find full-time jobs, half of 2018-2022 graduates received a job or internship offer on Handshake.

With Handshake you can:

  • Reach diverse and new talent.
  • Access tools and tips to successfully hire talent in this ‘new normal’ and embrace the shift to digital.
  • Build relationships virtually and in person.
  • Improve your early talent hiring ROI with a decrease in promotional cost per hire vs. industry average.

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